Framedat was founded with the goal of making art more accessible to everyone. Our platform allows artists to increase their visibility while selling their favorites pieces and earning a fair income for their work.

This is why, at FrameDat, we strongly believe in the democratization of art. Your walls are the perfect canvas for showcasing art and culture

Buy Better, Buy Smarter  

Your decor should be unique, just like you. By avoiding buying generic items that are mass-produced thousands of miles away, the planet will thank you. Plus, when you support artists, each dollar that you spend makes a real difference in that artist's life and the lives of our team at, FrameDat, a small business, located in Montreal, Canada. 

As a bonus, when your friends and family ask about your amazing new artwork, you'll be able to share with them the incredible story behind it, and how your purchase made a real impact.


 Custom Projects

Have a unique project in mind? Challenge us! Your imagination is the only limit. We can print anything on everything.
Contact us by email at to start your unique, custom project.  

Wholesale PROGRAM 

Do you already have an established distribution channel and are looking for a supplier to take care of the production?
Contact us by email at to create your wholesale collection.