Viviane Fortin

I seek the truth


This art is part of collection of three works that combine minimalism and "comic book" styles. This unique artistic style covers a range of emotions that are more dark and complex, and are often less represented in art depicting female characters. Red is used as a play on light, to create a unique atmosphere in the world of these women.

This collection came to life thanks to the inspiration and advice from Rodolphe and Sylvain.


All of our products are made by hand in our Montreal workshop, to ensure you are getting the best quality and durability.  

Our Framed CANVASES are made of high-quality pinewood frames of 1.25'' (D) handmade by an artisan carpenter, and are stretched and placed by hand. 

Our Art PRINTS are trimmed by hand, just for you, and are printed on high-quality photo paper. 

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